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Susan Weller

What emerges today in the paintings of Susan Weller seems to document the affirmation of an Italian cote, in her background and her sensibility which has almost overtaken that of her West Coast background. At least this sees to be apparent in the eyes of one who meets her today, since for the past few years she has alternated her life between California (Laguna Beach), her place of birth and growth, and Italy, at her home in Verona. [In Susan’s paintings], there are fragmants of a column or an arch, seen in ancient building and perhaps reused and reassembled in a succession of architecture which emerges as from the sea of history; or the pavement of Roman origins deformed by the passage of centuries of humanity passing across it from who knows where. After having distilled them from the context from which they are derived, Susan places them more abstractly, but always recocnizably, in the lyricism of a painting which shows her fascination, admiration and adherence to a European cultural matrix.
– Camilla Bertoni (Art Historian).
Susan Weller’s paintings are currently being exhibited at Anastasia Boutique and Gallery in Laguna Beach, Ca.

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