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Junya Watanabe

Born in Tokyo in 1967, Watanabe graduated from Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo, in 1984 and immediately joined Comme des Garçons as a pattern cutter and underling of founder-owner of Comme des Garçons, designer Rei Kawakubo. Three years later Watanabe began designing the Comme des Garçons ‘Tricot’ line and after a further five years he introduced his first own-label collection in 1992. Although designing under his own name, Watanabe still works under the overall Comme des Garçons title, which administrates and produces his collections. In 1993 Watanabe moved his shows from Tokyo to Paris and another eight years later he launched a menswear line in 2001. Junya Watanabe is renowned for his avant-garde style; in particular, his exploration of new cutting concepts, his ingenious sourcing of fabrics and innovative draping techniques. To view the Junya Watanabe Collection, visit Junya Watanabe at Anastasia

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