Ritsuko Shirahama and Helena Christensen


Helena Christensen Photography Exhibit
One of the first to kick off the 2007 Spring/Summer Tokyo Collections was designer Ritsuko Shirahama, whose works combined a fragile femininity (crocheted lace on demure knitwear) with political undertones (tank tops imprinted with photographs taken by the former supermodel Helena Christensen).
Shirahama said Christensen is “an ideal” for Japan’s working women, having morphed from a fashion icon into a professional photographer, while having children and maintaining a home in between.
In a culture where women are finding it difficult to juggle the personal with the professional, Shirahama’s message carried relevance – if not reality – and was a prelude for what was to come. – International Herald Tribune
To view Ritsuko Shirahama’s designs printed with photographs by model Helena Christensen, visit Anastasia Boutique, Cafe, and Gallery.

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